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Not everything is about the food…

Chef Gourmet has earned a trusted reputation for delivering refreshing and high quality food services. However, we know that not everything is about the food, coffee is also important to us. Chef Gourmet offers delivery service for your coffee, tea and breakroom as well. Whether you’re an office or facilities manager, a food service operator or a homeowner, you can count on Chef Gourmet to help you provide the right coffee program.

Single-cup or batch‑brewed? Here's how to decide.

Your choice depends on how many guests or employees you need to serve, how much brewed-beverage variety you want to offer and your budget Single-cup brewers offer quick convenience, variety and personalization when brewing a cup of fresh and exquisite hot coffee from a selection of individually packaged coffee roasts and flavors. With batch brewers, you can brew and serve larger quantities of freshly brewed coffee while economically serving a variety of different roasts and flavors in carafes, air pots or traditional glass pots. Single-cup or batch-brewed, it’s up to you.
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Deciding between specialty or house coffee brands.

Chef Gourmet offers you a full lineup of specialty and house coffee brands to satisfy your employees, guests or household. If you’re a brand loyalist, we suggest going with a specialty coffee brand you know and like – and we have a large amount national premium-branded coffees to choose from on our menu. Or, if you’re open to trying new brands, you might enjoy one of our high-quality house brands made with Arabica beans for exceptional flavor – with Standard Coffee® and Javarama® as our top picks.

Determining how much brewed-beverage variety to offer.

Even if your most immediate need is for a dependable coffee service provider, it’s equally important to choose a partner that offers a variety of products and brands that will satisfy a full range of different preferences. Our selection of consumer-preferred coffee products includes popular national brands like Starbucks®, Green Mountain Coffee®, Folgers®, FLAVIA®, Peet’s Coffee & Tea®, our very own Standard Coffee® and Javarama®, and many more. We also have a full lineup of leading tea brands specially blended for serving either hot or iced. With Chef Gourmet all your brewed-beverage needs are solved.

Choose brewing equipment with a proven track record.

Brewing coffee is typically done daily – sometimes several times a day – so you want equipment that’s simple to operate and that you can depend on. DS Services® coffee delivery service offers you high-quality coffee-brewing equipment, tailored to your operational requirements, so you brew and serve great-tasting coffee with every cup. Whether you need single-cup or batch-brewed coffee, carafes, airpots or traditional glass pots, we have what you need. Our complete brewing systems are easy to use and easy to clean. Plus, we take care of the equipment maintenance for you!