Photo of fork with pasta illustrates blog: "How to Cook Pasta al Dente? "

How to Cook Pasta al Dente? 

Making authentic Italian pasta means cooking your pasta al dente. Keep reading to learn more about this quintessential Italian term and learn how to cook your pasta al dente — just like they do in Italy. What Is Pasta al Dente? “Dente” means “tooth” in Italian. The term “pasta al dente” refers to the sensation…

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Plate of quinoa with salmon illustrates blog: "Can You Freeze Quinoa?"

Can You Freeze Quinoa? 

Quinoa packs so many nutrients that it’s often lauded as one of the most popular examples of “superfoods.” But can you freeze quinoa once you cook it? Let’s find out.  How to Freeze Cooked Quinoa Quinoa is an herbaceous annual plant grown mainly for its edible seeds. Over the last few years quinoa has become…

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Photo of pepperon pizza illustrates blog: "Italian Cuisine:  5 Terms You Need to Know"

Italian Cuisine: 5 Terms You Need to Know

Everyone loves the intensity and versatility of Italian cuisine. However, not everyone knows some basic terms that can make any Italian dish even more interesting. For example, if you think you know what “peperoni” means, we suggest you keep reading and prepare to be surprised. Alla Cacciatore This term means “hunter style,” and refers to…

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Photo of meat dish with basil on top illustrates blog: "Where Does Basil Come From?"

Where Does Basil Come From?

From Laos to Italy, basil is one of the world’s most popular culinary herbs. But where does it come from?  Keep reading to learn more about basil, from its origins to some ways to use it.  Where Does Basil Come From? Scientists believe that basil (scientific name Ocimum basilicum) originated in India thousands of years…

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Photo of fork lifting spaghetti from a plate illustrates blog: "How to Choose the Right Type of Pasta"

How to Choose the Right Type of Pasta

From spaghetti to fusilli, pasta comes in all shapes and sizes. But how to choose the right type of pasta? Keep reading to discover how Italians approach this question.  The Different Types of Pasta To learn more about pasta, first we have to delve into some basic terms. Here you have some essential categories in…

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Photo of turkey witht pumpkin and cranberry sauce illustrates blog: "Why Do We Eat Turkey on Thanksgiving?"

Why Do We Eat Turkey on Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is here and that means fun, the chance to catch up with extended family, and a nice, hearty meal. But why do we eat turkey on Thanksgiving? Keep reading to find out. Why Do We Eat Turkey on Thanksgiving? First, let’s go back to the origins of Thanksgiving. The first Thanksgiving was celebrated in…

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