Two strawberries, one whole and one cut in half, illustrate blog "Will Strawberries Ripen in the Fridge?"

Will Strawberries Ripen in the Fridge?

If you have some strawberries that are still white, you’re probably wondering if they will ripen in the fridge. Well, in today’s post, we provide an answer and offer some helpful tips on how to store your strawberries. Will Strawberries Ripen in the Fridge? The answer is no, strawberries won’t ripen in the fridge—or anywhere…

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Basket filled with potatoes illustrates blog "Why Do Potatoes Turn Brown?"

Why Do Potatoes Turn Brown?

While flavor is at the core of the food we enjoy, visuals also play a role. For example: Why do potatoes turn brown? How to avoid it? Keep reading to discover the answers. Why Do Potatoes Turn Brown? Potatoes turn brown for the same reason other foods (such as guacamole or apples) turn brown: a…

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Bowl of blistered shishito peppers illustrates blog "Are Shishito Peppers Hotter Than Jalapenos?"

Are Shishito Peppers Hotter Than Jalapenos?

If you are into spicy food, chances are good that you are curious about how some of the world’s most famous peppers stack up against each other. For example, Are Japanese shishito peppers hotter than Mexican jalapenos? Read on and find out! Are Shishito Peppers Hotter Than Jalapenos? While jalapeno peppers are far from being…

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Closeup of sliced cucumbers in a glass atop a cutting board illustrates blog "Are Cucumbers Berries?"

Are Cucumbers Berries?

As you might have noticed from previous posts, in the food world, things aren’t always what they seem. For example, can you answer with total certainty the question “Are cucumbers Berries?” Read on to discover the answer! Are Cucumbers Berries? Yes! Cucumbers are berries. While you probably associate the word “berry”’ with raspberries or blackberries,…

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Photo of veggies like avocado and artichokes illustrates blog "Are Veggies Protein?"

Are Veggies Protein?

Everyone knows that veggies are packed with nutrients like vitamins and minerals. But what about proteins? Here, we discuss if veggies are proteins and other interesting food facts.  Are Veggies Protein? When you think of the nutrients that veggies contain, you probably think of vitamins (like the vitamin A in carrots) or minerals (like the…

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Photo of bell peppers illustrates blog: "Are Bell Peppers Nightshades?"

Are Bell Peppers Nightshades?

If you are a fan of bell peppers, you might have asked yourself at some point if these fruits can be classified as nightshades. Well, wonder no more, because in today’s post, we tackle this and other questions about bell peppers. Are Bell Peppers Nightshades? We’ll unpack this in greater detail below, but the short…

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Photo of plate of picadillo illustrates blog: "Is Picadillo Mexican or Cuban?"

Is Picadillo Mexican or Cuban?

Picadillo is popular all over Latin America and beyond. However, some people believe that picadillo was invented either in Mexico or Cuba. So which is the right answer? Keep reading to find out. Is Picadillo Mexican or Cuban? The answer is… neither. The origins of picadillo are too fuzzy to pinpoint with precision. And while…

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